Dunedin Ice Stadium | Kiwi Hockey
The Dunedin Ice Stadium is the premier ice sports facility in NZ. A ‘not for profit’ community facility, the Dunedin Ice Stadium operates year round and is open for public skating 6 days a week. It also plays host to numerous national and international events each year and is home to the Dunedin Thunder hockey team.
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Kiwi Hockey

Our Kiwi Hockey classes are the ideal way for children to start playing the world’s fastest team sport! Our program is run by Dunedin Ice Hockey Club coaches with assistance from Dunedin Thunder players to make sure your child has a flying start to their hockey career!


The Programme

Our Kiwi Hockey programme focuses on the basics of ice hockey, from just getting used to skating with a stick and equipment on, to stick handling, passing, and shooting. It is crucial to get these basics right before progressing to a higher level. The program also includes 4-5 cross ice games per term to get the competitive side flowing and some great game experience!


Kiwi Hockey lessons run in conjunction with school terms. with enrollments being for the term. Practices are on Tuesday and Thursday evening 5pm-6pm. Note: in Term 4 practices will only be on Thursdays.




Term 3 2019 = July 23 – September 26

Term 4 2019 = October 14 – December 8


Cost of Enrolment


Term 3 Tuesday training | $105

Term 3 Thursday training | $105

Term 3 Tuesday and Thursday training | $175


Term 4 Thursday training | $84


Remember that spaces are limited so register early to reserve your spot for the term! 🙂


For more information you can phone us on (03) 456 4556

Unsure if your child will enjoy it? Why not come down and try a session for free first!


We know that starting a new sport can be expensive- especially a sport like ice hockey where you wear more padding than a gladiator! As such we have formed a fantastic deal with the Dunedin Ice Hockey Club where they provide hire equipment for just $50 per term + a $50 bond that is refunded upon return of the equipment.