Dunedin Ice Stadium | Kiwi Skate
The Dunedin Ice Stadium is the premier ice sports facility in NZ. A ‘not for profit’ community facility, the Dunedin Ice Stadium operates year round and is open for public skating 6 days a week. It also plays host to numerous national and international events each year and is home to the Dunedin Thunder hockey team.
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Kiwi Skate

We are proud to offer the nationally accredited Kiwi Skate program for children 14 years and younger. Our Kiwi Skate classes are coached by nationally qualified coaches and we are lucky to have professional coach Grant Howie as our programme director and making sure your children achieve their full potential on the ice.

The Programme

The programme focuses on the fundamental skating skills from learning how to fall properly and stand up again through to backwards skating, pivots and crossovers. All of these skills are crucial regardless if you wish to be a hockey player, figure skater, speed skater, or just enjoy being on the ice.


You’ll be amazed at the progress your child makes. From not being able to stand to racing around the ice like they were born with skates on. Our classes are designed with lots of games that are fun and promote good skating skills and will have your child excelling in no time!


Our class enrolments are for the length of the public-school term with a choice of times:

  • Monday: 4pm – 4.50pm (Kiwi Speed included in this session)
  • Thursday: 4pm – 4.50pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 10.50am

School Holiday Classes run during week 2 of the holidays (October 9-13)

  • Monday – Friday
  • 10am – 10.50am

What To Wear

While it may not be cold outside, enjoying the ice comes with a chilly environment. We recommend wearing a few layers even though you will likely warm up once you start skating. The most important items are:


  • A jacket or warm jumper
  • A beanie and gloves to keep your head and hands warm
  • Long, thick socks to make your skates nice and comfy

How to enrol

There are several ways to enrol. You can either download a copy of our enrolment form here, fill it out and email it back to us; phone us on (03) 456 4556; or enrol on the day, but remember that spaces are limited to give your child the best coaching so it is good to enrol early 🙂

School Holiday Program enrolment forms can be found here! The Holiday program will run 10am – 10.50am daily from October 9-13.


The cost per term varies with how many weeks are in the school term. Lessons cost $9 per session with the term to be paid up front on the first day.


Unsure if your child will enjoy it? Why not come down and try a session for free first!