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Originating in Scotland in the 16th Century, Curling is a sport of strategy and precision. Considered by some as ‘chess on ice,’ you will be amazed at how competitive it can be. Curling gets it’s name from the path the stones take as they slide down the ice. Teams generally consist of 4 players with each player getting an opportunity to throw 2 stones per end, although for those wanting to give it a go we can accommodate any number of players up to 40 people at a time!

Curling Club


For those looking to play more competitive curling or to further their curling career, please visit the local Dunedin Curling Club for more information and possibilities. The Curling club holds weekly Hack and Crampit leagues throughout winter as well as organising bonspiels for surrounding clubs and the masters games competition held every second year.

Curling Functions


Leave a lasting impression or reward your team with a memorable curling experience. Our Social Curling Functions include exclusive room hire for 2.5 hours, BYO food and drink opportunities, and a coach to teach you the game and get you playing games. 

Casual Curling

Just like public ice skating, we have weekly sessions available for any group, large or small to try curling. A staff member will be on-site to provide 15-minute guidance on the in and outs of curling for those who have never played before. You have the choice of 1 or 2-hour sessions so get some friends together and challenge them to a round of curling and test your precision and accuracy. We recommend booking ahead of time to be sure of availability especially during school holiday periods.

Please note the stones weigh 20 kg each and the target is approx. 40m away so young children may have difficulty getting the stones to the other end. This doesn’t mean they won’t love it as there are other aspects of curling they can get involved in.

The COOLest place to play!
The COOLest place to play!

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