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We believe ice skating is like riding a bike...

Once you learn the basics you have a skill for life and enjoyment for years to come. Whether you and your child are simply wanting to learn a new skill, or they have already decided they want to be the next hockey star or figure skating champion, Kiwi Hockey and Kiwi Skate is the place to start. Both programmes will take you through the basics of the sports and set you on the path for success. 

For the adults that are looking to challenge themselves, or surprise the kids by skating circles around them next time you visit, we have a number of adult learn-to-skate programmes to choose from as well as programmes offered by Ice Hockey Otago and The Dunedin Ice Skating Club.

Kid's Ice Hockey

Kid's Ice Skating

Adult Ice Skating

The COOLest place to play!
The COOLest place to play!

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