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The Charity

The Charity

Ice Sports Dunedin Inc. was registered as a Charity in 2010. The primary responsibility of the society is to maintain and improve the Dunedin Ice Stadium facilities for the use of the public and clubs. This is funded through a number of activities but mostly admissions and the rental of ice time. Ice sports have a long tradition in Otago and in Dunedin dating right back to the early settlement. The Charity has a bold vision that will secure the future enjoyment of generations to come.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an ice sport culture within the Dunedin community, helping our member clubs grow and excel. To build an entertainment venue that has something for everyone, not limiting opportunities to a select few. Through Education, Experience, and Efficient operations we will invest heavily in youth programmes to develop the next generation of athletes and club members. We will do this while minimising our environmental footprint in all aspects of the business, from using the latest ice making technology to limiting single use packaging in our cafe.

Our Story

  • Year 1975

    Dr Barrie Berkeley, a medical school lecturer who arrived from Canada in the early 70’s. calls a public meeting to gauge interest in the development of an ice rink in Dunedin. 30 people show up.

  • Year 1984

    Dunedin’s first indoor ice rink opens in Kaikorai Valley aptly named ‘The Big Chill’. The big chill resides in a ‘dingy’ building with no air conditioning or changing rooms. The rink even has square corners.

  • Year 1994

    The Big Chill is in financial difficulty and eight Curling Club members purchase the business and put it in the name of the Curling Club. The following years see a spike in interest as money and energy is put into the facility.

  • Year 2000

    Low public session admissions and a deteriorating building result in the board deciding no further investment would be made to the business.

  • Year 2002

    The Big Chill shuts its doors in October.

    December sees the unification of the Dunedin Curling Club, the Dunedin Ice Hockey Association, and the Dunedin Ice Skating Club under the banner of Ice Sports Dunedin which became an Incorporated Society on the 9th December.

  • Year 2003

    Planning starts on a new facility and a proposal from the Dunedin City Council for Ice Sports Dunedin Inc. (ISD) to occupy the old Dunedin Stadium in St Kilda is agreed. The Council refits the roof with insulated panels. ISD is responsible for the remainder of the fit-out. Fundraising is led by Neil Gamble, Edwin Harley, and Trevor Lewis and is achieved through grants from community trusts and the issuing of debentures to club members.

  • Year 2004

    The doors to the Dunedin Ice Stadium officially open in October two years after the Big Chill shut. Dunedin now has a brand new 60m x 30m Olympic sized ice rink.

  • Year 2006

    The four-lane curling rink is completed adjacent to the Olympic ice rink thanks to further funding from the Caversham Foundation.

  • Year 2008

    The Dunedin Thunder join the New Zealand Ice Hockey League. Construction on the Mezzanine Floor (later renamed the Gamble Lounge) begins.

  • Year 2009

    Dunedin hosts the International Ice Hockey Federation Division 3 World Champs and this is followed by the Senior World Curling Championships the following month. The New Zealand Winter Games sees the rink host hockey, figure skating, and speed skating events.

  • Year 2010

    ISD is granted Charitable Status

  • Year 2013

    The governance structure is changed to include representatives from the Dunedin City Council and Sport Otago to stabilise the business. This solidifies the value the facility brings to the City.

  • Year 2017

    The rink pays off the last of its debts thanks to a grant from the Dunedin City Council and the Gamble Lounge finally receives building consent with the installation of the lift.

  • Year 2019

    The Dunedin Ice Stadium has its most popular year with more people coming skating than ever before. The future looks bright for ice sports in the South.

  • Today

    Our vision is to be a leading recreational facility and accessible family entertainment venue for the people and the premier Ice Sports facility in New Zealand.

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