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Kid’s Ice Hockey Lessons

Our Kid's Ice Hockey lessons are the ideal way for children to start playing the world's fastest team sport!

The Programme

The Programme

Our Kid’s Ice Hockey lessons focus on the basics of ice hockey, from learning how to skate, to stick handling, passing, and shooting. We teach these skills through a range of games that keep the children engaged and leave them wanting more.

The Coaches

The Coaches

The lessons are run by New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation accredited coaches with assistance from your local Dunedin Thunder players to make sure your child has a flying start to their hockey career!

The Ice Hockey practices run in conjunction with NZ school terms and are between 8-10 weeks in length. It is free to come and have a go with no obligation to continue so why wait? 

We have equipment to hire so you don’t need to commit to the equipment until your child is committed.


Tue, 5 – 5:50pm

Thu, 5 – 5:50pm

Enrol below:


We know that starting a new sport can be expensive- especially a sport like ice hockey where you wear more padding than a gladiator!

As such we have formed a fantastic deal with the Dunedin Ice Hockey Club where they provide hire equipment:

1 Term Hire: $25 + a $50 bond*

2 Term Hire: $45 + a $50 bond*

3 Term Hire: $60 + a $50 bond*

Full Year Hire: $60 + a $50 bond*

* the bond is refunded upon return of the equipment.

Want more information?

Remember that spaces are limited so get in touch to reserve your spot for the term! 
For more information you can phone us on (03) 456 4556;

Unsure if your child will enjoy it?

Why not come down and try a session for free first!

The COOLest place to play!
The COOLest place to play!

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